My daughter becomes insecure even when I talk nicely to other kids forget loving. We have a dog at home, and she gets insecure of the dog too. What to do?

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Please talk to your little girl and find out if something is bothering her. Ask her when she is in a good mood, in a playful manner why she doesn't like you talking to any other kid or when you play with the dog? Give her reassurance always that no matter what you are always there for you and that you love her the most. Spend a lot of time with her, play with her, talk to her so that she is assured that mom is always with her. You can go through this:

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It could be due to insecurity. Keep talking to your girl and assuring her that you are there. Maybe she is just on the quieter side and takes time to warm up. Keep talking and explaining. Best of luck

How old is your girl?