How often do you have a heart-to-heart talk with your spouse?

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I don't have a spouse, but I do have someone that I was trying to make things work with! Anyways, I belong to the type that keeps things to myself to reduce the burden/stress/trouble on others - so I tend to keep my emotions bottled up too and tell myself excuses/"white lies" about things that were happening just to avoid any confrontation/unhappiness. However, I realized that it's not a good approach and I literally just had a heart-to-heart talk last night over WhatsApp. Being open about my feelings and thoughts (I was preparing to let the relationship go) made him do the same, and it really helped me to have closure over whatever that was going through my mind - so I'd say that it is really important to have regular heart-to-heart talk with your partner, especially when you're married!

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Whenever we got to spend a lone time together and stress-free which is not necessary like a date but more of those times we we're just alone in the house. It can be a discussion about the current challenges that we are facing, or about baby's future, or wishful thoughts, plans about our wedding. And I think it's the most important aspect of any relationship - open communication that comes from the heart :)

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nung una, we always talk heart to heart... kung anong nangyari sa kanya maghapon, short plans, sharing thoughts and ideas. but nung nakahanap ng mabbolang mga babae, dumalang na... after ko sya nahuli sa mga babae nya at nanumbalik sa akin, eto ulit - everyday heart heart talk ulit haaaaay..

As much as we can, we try to talk about our plans and sometimes even reminisce our milestones as a couple. Because of our schedules, we usually have our heart-to-heart talks during night time and sometimes during our date nights. :)

Pillow talk! It usually happens when baby dozes off on our bed and we just watch her sleep peacefully. We discuss the things we're grateful for or more serious issues.

We don't get the chance to sit down and have a heart to heart talk because of our schedules taking care of the children, although we are together 24/7.

probably less then 5? each time the heart to heart talk always ends up into an arguement so I felt very pointless and meaningless in trying to talk to him

5y ago

same here mommy.. 😟

We make sure that we share what happened to our day before we go to sleep. We also tackle serious issues as soon as possible.

We do talk every evening before we go to sleep. Long talks are usually done on weekends/datenights.

Not necessarily heart to heart,we talk about other matters of the family and vice versa.