Baby keep on waking up in the midnight

My 7mth LO recently has cough and running nose (already 1 week+). He kept on waking up in the midnight (he usually sleep from 8pm until the next day morning), like wake up at 12am+, awake until 3am then sleep, then wake up again at 5am..During day time, his nap time is short also, like less than 1 hour each time, he usually nap for twice a day. I’m so worry about his immune system will be affected and also his sick is difficult to recover due to sleepless nights. Me and my husband need to rock him to sleep, or cuddle him, if we put him down on bed, he will cries like we abuse him. We definitely need help on this.. Any parents experienced this? We need advise.🤯 Please share with me. TIA

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You were saying he had cough n cold... maybe thats y he is very fussy n agitated. I usually rub Vicks on my daughters chest whenever she has cold before bed time, and give her lots of warm water also. He should be fine once he recovers. Maybe he cant sleep properly due to the flu.

Think he’s just not sleeping well cause he’s sick. He should be back to his normal self once he recovered. My baby also have sleepless nights when he sick. Unfortunately for us, we just have to endure the lack of sleep for awhile.

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sounds like sleep regression to girl experienced this before as well. you just have to do whatever you can to make your child sleep. super tiring I know but it's a phase and it will be over soon. jiayou