hub give massage?

Does your hub gives you massages during your pregnancy?

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he complains but ends up massaging haha because hes alr the only one working, he does 99% of the chores and most of the time does the cooking too so he gets very tired when i ask him to massage me. my poor partner is an essential worker, so must understand a bit

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Hmm, im worry he doesnt know how to massage properly, so i get in involve Everynight before we sleep after showering to help me with oil on my tummy, body and lotion for feet. Its more for a bonding then just a massage :)

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Lol! I rather he don’t, he neither has the technique or knows the strength to use. What I did was I go to a massage place near our house and every week I book a session for both of us to enjoy and bond together. :)

Yes, I did, but it’s better when you get a massage) and even better if it’s done by professionals like v day spa in rancho cucamonga

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Yes, always. My husband always gave me massages 💆‍♀️ (head to toe) from first pregnancy till second pregnancy ❤️ I’m blessed to have such an amazing husband.

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I did ask for foot massages! They were especially sore during 30 weeks on.

Yup yup... upon request.. ahahaa.. cz he doesnt know which part i need it

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Didn’t ask him cause I feel his massage is on the ticklish side

Every single day.. So blessed to have a loving hubby❤❤

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I’ll have to request haha. Esp when I have leg cramps.