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Does any working mum feel the need to teach kids other than in childcare? I just feel so hectic in daily schedule that I can't seem to work teaching into evenings. I fetch my lo (3 years old) around 7 from childcare, feed her till about 8 and then play time till 8.30, then it's Bath and sleep time. If I stop halfway during an activity, it's also very hard to get her to not be angry..I feel like I am not doing enough.. How do you working mums do it? (if you are)

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I don't do teaching in terms of things like ABCs, 123s, phonics etc - but I prefer to let my son learn through play at home :) I'm not a parent who's focused on academics, but more into letting him enjoy his childhood and figuring out his interests - so our activities range from playing cars together, colouring, pretend play (eg. cooking or farm animal roleplay), sensory play etc. I feel that for working mums, it's not so much about the quantity but quality instead - there's no point in trying to teach when you're exhausted, and getting your kids to sit down for things like phonics and flash cards after a day in school might not be what they want. Instead, I'd say to just play with them without distractions - even if it's just for 30mins. Let kids be kids and let them play the way they want to, even if it means turning your sofa into a racing track - don't limit their play by "how things should be played" but let them explore and learn on their own!

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You can use the week end to take him to some museum, or educative activity. Also reading to them before they sleep is great for vocabulary, eager for them to learn how to read and bonding time. Let us know if it helps :)

i let my 3 yo girl have a normal childhood iso teaching or pressuring her. let her enjoy her childhood as they are kids which we used to have ours.

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Yeah I spend about 1-2 hours a week going thru phonics and 1-2 hours going thru basic maths. Tiring lah, but make a game out of it. :)