Does any mummy here cut fruits the night before for their kids to bring to school, instead of cutting them in the morning just b4 going to school?

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Yeah I cut before hand. No time in the morning. It's not the best case scenario but I really don't have time. When u cut fruits, it gets exposed to atmospheric oxygen leading oxidation of vitamins from the fruit and thereby leads to deterioration of fruit’s nutritional value. The vitamins which are threat are vitamin-A, C & E.

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I prepare and cut fruits and put them in my Tupperware. So long as the container is good quality, cutting fruit night before for kids to bring to school schools be ok.

Best to cut in the morning unless you know that you really have no time to do so the following day. Then I guess you should select certain fruits to do so :)

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Hi... it really depends on the type of fruits. However, its best to cut in the morning so that it’s nutrients are in it lost

Best to cut before going to school. Leaving fruits overnight might cause contamination if not handled properly.

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Depending on what kind of fruits. Berries i will wash it before hand. Apple i won't cut the night before

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I only let my gal take apple. So I bought the small ones and wash every morning and let her bring to school.

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Because TCM mentioned the other fruits will cause phlegm for little gal. So I only stick to apples and sometimes payaya.

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No cut fruits, whole fruit will be better or cut in the morning before your kids go to school(:

I would suggest no cut fruits, bananas or grapes in whole would be good.

No i dont. The fruits will lose its nutrients.