Good Morning ladies, so how did the first morning back to school turn out to be? Were your kids able to wake up on time? Ans. My boys were good. Although they slept a bit late last night they were able to wake up really early this morning for school. I prepared scrambled egg and cheese sandwich for them for their lunch break and also packed a slice of Lemon cake that I baked last night. They seemed quite happy and excited to get back to school. So in short my first morning was good and looking forward to more good mornings :)

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I have to drag my kids up from bed as they are used to getting up later for that 1 month holiday. And my son also threw temper and got cranky just because he didnt sleep well the previous night. So he asked me if he can skip school for the first day. Sigh... Think it takes sometime for my kids and myself to adapt back to the normal routine. So for the rest of the days, i intend to ask them to sleep earlier, hopefully i won't have a hard time waking them up and getting them ready for school.

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That's awesome. I wish my mornings are as cheerful and well-prepared as yours! I am always in a rush, exhausted and my idea of a good breakfast is a quick cup of coffee and a piece of toast if I'm lucky haha. I wish many more awesome mornings for you and your family :)

Thank god. Yes, my gal is able to although daddy says a little tough but still managed to wake up on time. I always try to ensure she sleeps latest by 10pm as she needs to be awake at 6am. A good 8hrs of sleep is very important for growing up children.

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gd morning my boy before sleeping already mention why school reopen so fast? don't want to go to school. I told him do you miss your friends & teacher all are looking forward to welcome back to school. make him feel better. the next morning can't wake up.

yes my girl woke up excited. she lives school so it was really very easy for me.. but my the little snoozer had a harder time compared to her pri. 1 sister... so happy that she's in a school that makes learning fun and she loves studying! !=)

Hello! You sound like you have it altogether! :) My boy woke up on time and he got a simple breakfast, cereal with milk before heading off to kindergarten happily. Thank God all was good.

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Yeah with 4 boys I really have to plan my schedule the day before, that way everything goes on as per planned. :)

My kids are "auto gear", so I have no issue to wake them or drag them up from the cozy bed. Just that having problem for what to prepare for their breakfast!

my is ok, actually my boy love to go school. He will tell me he miss his best friends.

Turned out awesome as well. The kids got to school on time.

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Good luck to all of us on being awesome parents. ...ha ha.