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Hi does any of you got rejected of issuing hospitalization leave by gynae before edd? I'm at private hospital but disappointed with my gynae who refuse to give me HL before delivery. And she is expecting me to work until a day before delivery which she said is quite norm. Should I take my annual leave or unpaid leave or it is really OK to work until the last day? I just wish to have some me time and also to rest before receive the arrival of LO. :(

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Unless u stayed in hospital then u can apply for hospital leave. I was hospitalised due to large fibroid at 6weeks and took 55days of hospitalisation leave as I can’t work, needed to be bed rest. Following, I was given unpaid for 4months and maternity leave for 4months. Usually hospitalisation leave and unpaid leave won’t be approved without any serious case. If u need to rest, perhaps take maternity leave earlier or clear ur annual leave.

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2y ago

Hi, can i know if the fibroid was removed eventually? My gynae told me i have a large one too and im quite worried abt it

I had checked with my gynae abt this cos my friends were encouraging me to take HL before delivering. Gynae was surprised and said she doesnt practise that (ethical) and explained that to be granted HL, the preg patient must be having some worrying conditions to be granted HL. Also, it's better to remain active instead of being sedentary or inactive before delivery. It doesnt help!

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You can either start early with ur maternity leave or apply ur normal leave. I have difficulty walking (right hip pain) and requested for HL and was fortunately given (KKH private gynae). If she hadn’t given, I would have taken personal leave. Better to rest if you really feel unwell. Takecare

2mo ago

Hi, may I know who was your gynae? :) thank you in advance.

I actually got a 1 week of HL at KKH through a private doctor before moving back to subsidised. I told them that I have difficulty of walking due to musculoskeletal and I did not get admitted although the doctor insist but due to the outbreak she reluctantly gave me

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You can use your maternity leave up to a certain number of weeks before delivery. I planned to work till the very day i deliver, but i got permission to work from home 2 weeks before edd. But baby came on the very first day i started to work from home😅

If u are tired and need some me time 1 day before ur edd, I suggest u apply for leave since ur gynae refuse to give.. I udnerstand how tiring it is esp when we are going to deliver. Jiayous and wishing you a smooth delivery! :)

if there's no medical issue, they don't give HL.. you can use your annual leave or maternity leave

My gynae give HL like it is free 😂 I'm also private hospital. She give me whenever I requested for it.

10mo ago

Hi do you mind sharing your gynae? Thks.

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Maybe can try asking again? If u feel uncomfortable in the workplace with a big bump

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I think your gynae want you to be active so the labor process will be smoother later