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Hi, does applying stretch mark cream really work? When do you start applying that and are there any good brands which you'll recommend? Thanks!

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I started to apply Ginvera olive oil once I found out I was pregnant. Usually apply all over body straight after bath. I also tried mustela on the belly a few times during the last trimester

I didn't apply at all. During pregnant don't have after giving birth its appear ☹️ but is too late. That time is my first pregnancy

It depends on individual. For me, I started applying on week 20. I'm using Clarins. So far no stretch mark after birth.

3y ago

How many tubes of creams did u use till u deliver?

It depends. Im at week 38 & currently have no stretch marks. Not sure if it will appear after i give birth :(

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I used mustela brand anti stretch cream. So far it works for me. :)

3y ago

Where do u get this cream? I can’t find it anywhere

I use bio oil from the moment i found out i'm pregnant.

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I think ultimately it depends on individual.

Bio oil

Think it depends on the individual's skin condition. Fortunately for me, 39 weeks now and no stretchmarks... hopefully it wont appear post-partum. I used bio-oil since second trimester.