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Hi everyone, I know a lot of mummies rave about the clarins stretch mark control cream. I would like how you all apply the product? I just bought the beautiful mum set but the instructions recommended to wash off the tonic oil after applying. It’s a bit of a hassle I thought. Do you all use the tonic body treatment oil and the stretch mark minimizer cream together? If I’m not going to wash off the tonic oil, is it ok to apply the cream after I apply the oil?

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I apply the clarins stretch mark control during the day when i go to work. On top of the oil i will apply clarins stretch mark control also. At night after shower, i apply only cream. Im at 26 weeks, so far havent got any stretch mark. Apply the cream when it's itchy. Helps a lot.

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I apply clarins stretch mark control after shower.. and before sleep, i will massage with the tonic oil. I leave it on as I love the scent. Feels like im having my personal spa session.. :)

4y ago

Thanks for the advice!

I use bothclarins stretch mark control & oil & and I didn’t was it off 😹 too much hazzle to clean. 😌Although I don’t really like the oil (in my opinion its too oily!).

Applied the clarins stretch mark control only in the daytime and applied oil first then cream at night. For both applications, I use them after shower.

clarins stretch mark control reduces the colour of new stretch marks and stimulates their repair.

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Hi... I suggest you wipe off the oil with cotton pads before you apply the clarins stretch mark control

4y ago

Thanks for the advice!

I only occassionally used the cream and didnt use the oil. Didnt have any stretchmarks though

clarins stretch mark control helped me with stretch marks caused by pregnancy

No new stretch marks after starting to use clarins stretch mark control