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Does anyone knows what food to avoid after a c section? I know chicken, egg, duck etc. and I think yam..but I accidentally ate yam as I forgot about it..what effect does yam has on c section wound?

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Super Mum

Actually, in Western medicine, there’s no particular food to avoid. Important things are more like.. have good nutrition, if you are diabetic make sure you control your blood sugar well, keep your wound clean and dry, don’t overexert yourself and rip your stitches, if you see any signs of infection (redness/warmth/pus), see your doctor immediately for treatment

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Hi Mummy, I had c sect 9 mths ago. So far chicken, egg and yam is fine for me and occasionally ate a few pieces of prawns. These few food will make my wound area itch are duck meat, shrimp (found in laksa), beef. Other than prawns, i avoid other seafood.

Thanks all for your advices. Indeed there are alot of myths and currently my nanny kept telling me wad not to eat I am feeling overwhelmed..

Super Mum

I didn't avoid anything tbh! My wound healed quickly with no issue at all. Most of these are old wives tale.

Super Mum

Nt sure abt yam.. generally try avoid seafood like prawns, squid, crab, cockles etc.

Currently doing my confinement now. I ate chicken and eggs. So far so good.

I think yam should be fine. Avoid seafood as this time

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Old folks usually say to avoid eggs and seafood...

I eat chicken and egg too... I avoid prawn crab

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I think so long no excessive, should be fine.