Does anyone have maids who leave the house without telling you? Like to just Jalan Jalan?

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My helper doesn't do that. If they do, they are breeching the trust i have for them. i will send them back to the agency to jalan jalan
no, none of my helps till date has ever done that. while there are no rules as such, certain things are made very clear right from the start. i may be working at home and if my help leaves the hou
Not advisable. It would be best for your maid to tell you where she is going.
No. That's not good. You never know where she goes. Unless she has been with you for many years and has proven herself that's a different thing.
Most of the helpers I know are far too timid and afraid to do anything (let alone go out) without their employer's permission. I have heard of more brazen helpers who'd go out during working hours cla