Does anyone have maids who leave the house without telling you? Like to just Jalan Jalan?

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No. My helper has never done that before and I think it's a strict no no for me. After all you are her employer and is responsible for her. She should tell you if she needs to go anywhere. But it's also odd if she finds excuses to go out very frequently. I think you should let her know that you are not comfortable with her leaving the house and she should seek your permission if she needs to go out. Helpers usually like to 'test water' so if you just keep quiet, it will become a norm and it will be even more difficult to say no in future.

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no, none of my helps till date has ever done that. while there are no rules as such, certain things are made very clear right from the start. i may be working at home and if my help leaves the house without telling me, it can be a potential threat to my kids' safety, as i will feel they are being taken care and are with her, while in reality they may be left on their own. also, while she is at my place, she is under my responsibility, so i have to know where she is at all times.

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Most of the helpers I know are far too timid and afraid to do anything (let alone go out) without their employer's permission. I have heard of more brazen helpers who'd go out during working hours claiming to run errands or meet friends -- these do not stay employed by the family for long though.

No, I always expect her to inform me before heading out. And strictly no leaving the kids home alone. She can go for a walk, not a problem, just let me know and take her phone along in case I need to reach her.

No. That's not good. You never know where she goes. Unless she has been with you for many years and has proven herself that's a different thing.

My helper doesn't do that. If they do, they are breeching the trust i have for them. i will send them back to the agency to jalan jalan

Yeah my helper does that, and I am ok with it as long as she always picks up my phone and does not leave the kids unattended.

Not advisable. It would be best for your maid to tell you where she is going.