Do you mums keep baking ingredients (like vanilla, baking soda, flour, chocolate chips, etc) on-hand at home all the time? Or do you just buy when needed? I find myself running from one store to another just to get ALL the ingredients I need to bake a simple cheesecake. Any baking stores here that have everything under one roof?

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Purchasing depends on your baking frequency. Of course if you end up baking sth new then you'd need to get some new ingredients. Places to purchase: 1. Phoon huat ( they are almost everywhere) 2. Sunlik trading Pte Ltd ( wholesaler) 3. Bake King. A full list here: Do note that some of the shops sell limited items based on festivals. Like pineapple paste during CNY. U can still find these off peak. But lesser in qnty/ availability.

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Besides Phoon Huat, I also like the selection of baking supplies at places like Sheng Siong, Shop n Save and Giant hypermart especially close to holidays like hari raya, chinese new year etc. That being said, I only have baking supplies when I need them. I do have basics like flour, sugar and eggs always on hand for other uses but everything else, it's based on a demand basis.

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You can keep the ingredients in stock if you bake on regular basis. Else, if you bake once in while then you should buy ingredients there, because if you keep ingredients for long, they will not get the right taste. Sine, I bake whenever my daughter asks, I buy a day's time from her and get the ingredients and make it for her.

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I only have the basics on hand, flour, baking powder/soda, vanilla extract, chocolate chip, cocoa powder. Then will need to buy any "special" ingredient required (e.g., cream cheese for cheesecake). Oh.. and I'm not a frequent baker.

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Phoon Huat has many outlets and they sell a lot of the basic baking stuff. Otherwise you could try the bigger Cold Storage outlets or Fairprice Finest/Extra. I would think Phoon Huat will be a better choice.

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If you keep all the ingredients on hand all the time, you'd have to really bake frequently, or you'll find that you end up throwing out ingredients which were only used once or twice.

Oops. I forgot to answer that. I only buy when needed. The frequency that I bake is so low that my supplies always expire in between my baking sessions. Haha!

U can try Betty Crocker ready mix. They have cakes and cookies . Betty Crocker can be found in supermarkets.