Do you keep your date nights as just you and your husband....just bonding time for you both? Or do you think it is ok to do have a double date as well? We have a very good couple friend who want to come out with us on a date night. I am not too sure about it.....

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I agree with Samantha - once a while is perfectly fine and can be quite enjoyable. But remember to have your night outs alone with just your spouse (minus your kids!). Both of you will definitely appreciate the time off from the kids and it'd feel as if you're dating again. Steer away from topics about families, in laws and work though :)

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For me, our alone night time is very precious and prefer to go out alone instead of with friends. We will meet couple friends normally during festive gatherings e.g. christmas, new year, mid-autumn festival and etc.

Why not? Two couples added fun. Especially if you both are very good friends. Sounds exciting to me. I would go for it. Bonding can be done any and everyone as long as both parties are willing. :)

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I think that there is no harm to having a double date once in awhile. But you should definitely go out with your hubby alone too just to reconnect and spend that time together. Have fun!

we usually keep the date night strictly to us, but sometimes we've also gone on a double date, though that has been very rare

i think you can try it out once and if you do not like it, you can always avoid it.


I totally agree to go alone with your hubby

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Totally okay with double date for date night :)