Do dads go through postnatal depression just like new mums do? I want to be prepared for this.

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Yes, there is a possibility that dads will go through postpartum depression as well. This condition is called Paternal Postnatal Depression (PPND). It could be caused by hormonal changes. Men’s hormones go through changes during the pregnancy as well, their testosterone level decreases while estrogen level increases. These changes will cause some men to be more susceptible to depression after the birth of their newborn. It could also be caused by the added stress and anxiety. Take a look at this article to understand more about the condition: Understanding the condition can help as you could look out for symptoms of PPND. However, it will be better to prevent getting PPND. You could do so by learning how to care for an infant so that you can be more involved after the baby is born without feeling the sense of lost/helplessness. Also, learn to relax when you feel anxious (exercise, learn simple relaxation techniques like deep breathing etc). Keep a positive mindset to prevent being overwhelmed by any negative thoughts that will arise from the stress and anxiety of your new role.

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Yes dads have a possibility of going through post natal depression as well. Have a healthy diet, exercise and relieve stress regularly and have lots of rest. It can be hard but work closely with your wife and be pillars of support for each other. Men tend to keep problems to themselves because they are stereotyped to be strong and dependable but do acknowledge that it is ok to seek help or be open about your feelings.

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About 1 in 10 dads do go through post natal depression. The bulk of it is due to stress. If you find yourself feeling moody, glum and have a loss of appetite, do go out and get a walk. Otherwise, talk to your friends and do seek help.

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