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Hi, I’m like almost 6 months into my pregnancy and I would like to purchase some of the baby and nursing items early. Just wondering what are some of the necessities that I’ll required to use right after birth? I want to be better prepared too!! #advicepls #nursing #newbaby #asianMama

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baby clothes , mittens , booties , handkerchiefs , swaddle, milk bottles , pacifier, milk powder ( if not breastfeeding) baby powder , ruyi oil ( but preferably dont use it first becoz when baby is born, they may have jaundice and when u go to polyclinic for jaundice checkups, they might ask u not to apply anyth on the baby's body so it wont affect the reading or anyth ( for mine i didnt apply ruyi oil till my baby's jaundice is 100% cleared) ) , wet tissues , diapers ( u can use the ones frm hosp first then if ur baby has no allergy aft wearing, u can get more aft! but dont over buy:) baby grow quite fast tbh .) , thermometer( w current covid situation, btr have one so u can check baby's temp at times . for mommy ; breast pumps & nursing pads & maternity pads cant advise much becoz i didnt breast feed but roughly these few stuff that i got ready before my baby's arrival . u can add or look at other mommies daddies ' comments as well and roughly make a list and see which u can get ready . dont stress too much! rest well ❤️

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maternity pads and breast pump. baby clothes and swaddle, including mittens and booties. I bought wet tissue but small amount to make sure baby has no allergy. For diapers, i used the hospital 1 first then got a pack to be sure baby is not allergic to it before buying more. You may also wanna get some nursing pads in case ur breastmilk starts to leak. I have a new pack of pigeon breast pads. U can let me know if u wanna self collect at woodlands.

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I also bought handkerchief (20 pieces), ruyi oil (if you intend to let the baby use). I also bought the baby shower gel as well ...

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on top of that, you need maternity pads for mama, breastpump unless u plan to jus latch. baby cot or place where ur baby gonna slp.

Hi, Some of the things that you would definitely need would be - New born diapers, baby bottles, breast pumps, maternity pads

New born diapers, baby bottles, baby clothes and swaddles (: