Do your hubbies aka dads-to-be understand what is going through your body during the pregnancy? Do you women ask your husbands to apply stretch mark cream on your tummy? Anything else they can be part of? I want hubby to be involved but I don't know how to!

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Let him take care of you! - do more household chores - cook for you (and fetus!) - pack your hospital bag - prepare contact list (for people to text when the baby is out) - take photos of you and your bump (and join in the photos too!) - sing or talk to your tummy And also, simply talk to each other! Discuss your feelings (and his) about the baby. Share your joy, fears, excitement, anxiety etc.

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Get your husband to give you daily massages. It's relaxing and helps the both of you to bond. My husband accompanied me for the major ultrasound scans and was involved in every step of my pregnancy. Let him touch your tummy when baby kicks or wriggles. It will make him feel closer to the baby.

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Yes, getting hubby to help to apply stretch mark cream is one of the good way. My hubby also helps me to massage and stretch my legs to reduce leg cramps. We always have a bonding session at night to let him to sing to my belly and he did notice the changes in me, eg. belly getting bigger each day.

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