Gender reveal

Did you wait until birth to find out whether your baby was a boy or girl?

Gender reveal
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I couldn't wait to find out the gender of my baby when I was pregnant. Most of my peers took the Harmony test which was very accurate in predicting gender whereas I only took the Oscar. I didn't get to know the gender of my baby until I was 22 weeks pregnant. That's a really long wait compared to those who knew at 13 weeks. In between, I had to endure people doing the guessing game with my bump. "Oh, your nose looks fatter, I think you're having a boy!", "Do you crave sweet food? If not you're having a boy!" Almost everyone predicted that I was having a boy, even I started to believe it myself. At my scan, I found out that I was expecting a girl. Just as well! I loved buying clothes for her.

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I'll be asking the gynae for my baby's gender during the detailed scan this 25th Oct 21. I need to know coz I don't plan to get clothes for my baby bun. letting my cousins know coz they wanna pass down their baby clothes to me. haha. baby grow so fast I don't want to buy so many clothes. with this covid I'd be spending more time at home too xD decor wise.. I use earthy neutral colors so which ever gender it'd be I don't have to choose xD

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No, we were quite practical. Found out at 16 weeks and it helped us plan clothing, babys room decor and general colors for his baby gear (strollers, etc). Our rationale was its going to be a surprise whenever you find out - why not let surprise ourselves at 16 weeks rather than at birth! :)

No. We had ultrasound for both babies to find out the gender. Like most parents, we're too excited and we can't wait to reveal our baby's gender as early as possible. It's also helpful when buying baby stuff when you already know the baby's gender before birth.

I did not intend to find, but after 7 months I casually asked during my ultrasound as is the baby boy or a girl expecting the obvious answer, "This I can't tell you," but the doctor said that it is a baby girl.

Noooo, i am a curious person and i want everything to be ready before my baby born, such as clothing, bedding, etc. Hahaha. But still i love to put blue color stuff for my baby girl because i like it. Hahaha.

Nope. I try to find out as early as possible so I know if I need to find an adoption centre if the baby isn't the gender I want. I'm kidding. I like to find out earlier so I know what to name my kid.

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Lol - surprised no one flamed u for this comment ;p

At the beginning I wanted that to be a surprise but I ended up asking my gynae so that I could prepared my baby stuffs.. And she was born on 25 December 2019 😊

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my daughter is December 26 2016

No, couldn't wait to know the gender of my baby. Knowing the gender helps a lot when preparing for the newborn's stuffs. And also allow us start thinking of name as well

Went to 2d scan at in my 2nd trimester they said its a girl Went again in my 3rs trimester was told they now see a boy Immediately booked 4d and twas confirmed it's boy