bleeding in trimester 2-18 weeks

Did anyone experienced a gush of red bleeding with clot and stopped? Doc only said is threatened miscarriage and did not noe the blood originate fr where. Scan and cervix length are normal.

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hi I'm currently at trimester 1 (estimated to be week5 or week7) as I found out about my pregnancy unexpectedly. so I am currently bleeding with little sized clots and I have been diagnosed with threatened miscarriage at KK hospital as well. I'm curious how did your pregnancy go eventually..

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1y ago

hi, I had follow up check up and was glad that everything has recovered properly. Was in a sad state of life after the loss, got so angst, sad, emotional that I decided to delete this app and tried every way to remove the reminder of the loss. Am back again TTC after 5 months . Hoping for the BFP soon.


I had 3x threaten abortion during 1st trimester. 2x was bleeding 1x tummy pain. I was told to bed rest for the rest of 1st Tri till things got better

Hey Joanne, as I’m currently having the same situation right now, I was just wondering if you have any positive updates after that?

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No. Do rest well and take good care!

are you still having a contact?

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try to bed rest more..