pain level and side effect from taking epidural

Did anyone experience any side effect after epidural and is it painful?

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I took epidural during my 2nd labour but not the first. To administer the epidural was hell for me because I hate, hate, hate needles. You'll be told to sit really still and there will be a slight electricute-like pain down your back. For me the pain was too unbearing so the nurse had to readminister it. Once it's administered, your pain magically disappears. I'll list difference I felt afterwards, whether or not epidural was the culprit. 1) In my 1st labour, I could walk about 4-5 hours right after birth without support. In my 2nd, I felt pain whenever I got up, walked, bend to pick baby up, lie down, etc for about 2 weeks. 2) I love aircon, the colder the better. After my 1st, I still love it. After my 2nd, I switch off the aircon if it rains and wear pants to sleep PLUS covered in my comforter because it's too cold for me. 3) My backaches are much more frequent after my 2nd delivery & I realized I can't sit on a solid surface for too long.

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For me I was lucky, I did not have any side effects after the injection and now almost 18months post-partum, I don't feel anything different in my body as well. The pain is bearable and it was that split moment when the needle comes in contact with your lower back. If you were to ask me what is the most painful experience during labour, I would say it's when they check your cervix for dilation, that is the most painful process I ever been through. (I have a very high threshold for pain but I couldn't take that). Like Stephanie, I never regretted my decision in taking Epidural as I can really enjoy the process better.

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I was in so much pain I couldn't even feel the needle. Either that or my anaesthetist was super skilled. Haha. I'm 6 coming 7 months post partum and I don't feel any difference in my body. I probably feel more tired and experience some backaches here and there but I don't think it's the epidural as I have a previous episode of backaches and so far it hasn't been as painful as it used to be. I definitely enjoyed my epidural in making my delivery more comfortable and I never regretted the decision.

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Possible side effects include a drop in blood pressure, loss of feeling and muscle weakness and allergic reactions. There have been no proven long term side effects of epidural. Many women complain of back ache, but it is more often than not, due to pregnancy.

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I vomited after birth but that’s all. Very worth it for me as it reduced so much pain


I shivered like mad!!!