Can mothers who have taken the epidural share the experience of administering the epidural? Is it painful? My pain threshold is very low :( At how many cm dilation do you administer it? Any side effects?

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I got mine injected at 6cm dilation which was actually pretty late. By then, the contractions were so strong that it totally overrode the pain of the jab, so I honestly didn’t feel anything during the epidural jab. I consoled n calmed myself by telling myself that nothing could hurt more than the contractions n the epidural is here to help relieve the pain so I shouldn’t be scared! Hope it works for you too! As for side effects, I still get abit of backache at the injection spot at 3months pp.

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had epi at 3cm dilated. initially I was scared it'll be painful bc the needle was scary but it just felt like a normal injection the only thing is the anticipation that makes it scary bc u cant see what they doing. n abit discomfort when they put in the tube or smth in ur back thru the needle. i had the chills, I was basically chattering my teeth and one side of my leg went dead numb wouldn't even lift it up BUT now I'm 3mths pp im having back aches thats the bad side effect of epi.

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3y ago

Yes very true. It’s a myth to say epidural will cause backache.

Epidural can be administered at any point during labour and if pain threshold is low,best to have it sooner. I had the epidural when 2cm dilated. It helped me relax throughout the remaining labour duration. It's a light prick to the spine and thereafter no pain. Had side effect of slight nausea after giving birth cause I was in labour for almost 20+ hours.

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To be honest. It’s really v mild as compared to the IV drip. It’s just like any normal injection!! And it wouldn’t cause backache. It’s a myth. Which is why they said always rest during confinement cos that’s the period backache will appear due to bending when changing baby etc.

For me it was painless because the doctor put on laughing gas for me Mine was only 1cm dilate despite contractions was very strong, nurses will advise to let them know earlier because during wee hours, doctors may need more time to come over to the hospital. No side effects for me

3y ago

The laughing gas works for me, it takes effect pretty fast, I was like in a “dreamlike” stage, and doesn’t feel anything

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For my case, it was painless. I endured for around 11hours before epidural. Within 10mins after getting the epidural, the nurse told me I can give birth already. I regretted not getting it ASAP. If your pain threshold is low, best to opt for epidural...

I administered epidural when i was 2.5cm dilated. Felt a bit achey when the epidural was administered. Surprised that epidural actually helped me to relax and the dilation hits 7cm pretty quickly. Haha.


I got chills after epidural which was one of the common side effects so I asked for more blankets to cover me but ok during and after birth. One key thing is not to move an inch when epidural is being administered

I took it at 3cm dilated. The poking part was painful but I was glad I took it because contractions was x10 painful. I vomited immediately after giving birth and back pain for abt 2 months to recover

Took is when I dilated 2cm but since they already induced me I cannot feel the needle that much you will just feel a bit ticklish and just quick pain it’s nothing don’t worry too much