Pushing during natural delivery

For delivery at KKH, will nurses and doctors pressure you to push or are they experienced in guiding the push at the right time? I read that naturally the second stage of labour may take some time and that the body will slowly adjust for the opening to expand such that there is no special need to push too much. However, due to the pressure to push by the team, mummies may end up with a tear. How has your experience been at KKH? And usually for a non complicated case, how many people will be around and is the husband allowed to accompany?

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Super Mum

They’re experienced and know when to ask you to push (based on your contractions). But it’s important to know how to push effectively in order to get the baby out before you tire out, so they generally make you do the pushes in cycles of 3 for each contraction. If you already expect that, then you won’t feel pressured I guess? Take sips of water in between cycles if you can, and prepare yourself for the next cycle. I would say the tears are not really their fault, but when I felt the pain, I just couldn’t help but push hard to relieve my pain? Hahaha. Of course, I had more tears for the first one, but thankfully only minor tears for the second. Only your husband is allowed in there with you

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8mo ago

hahaha okok thanks for sharing and giving me a better idea!