Concerns & hoping for some advice!

1) I’ll prolly be going for induction of labour. Currently at 37 weeks. Reason being - baby is too big. 2) as a first time mum, I really do not know how to push a baby out. Is this something that I should worry? And will it cause a negative impact on my baby should I not know how to push the baby out?

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Hi there, just wanna share with u my experience I'm a first time mom too however i managed to deliver my adorable son naturally without epidural if i can, I'm sure you can also deliver safely too. well, i also have to be induced at 40 weeks. i was so scared and not prepared to give birth cos idk if I'm able to have a normal delivery or c sect. non stop thinking about the pro and cons. when the nurse induced me i feel nothing but uncomfortable however as time passes damn 😅 that's where the game begin i started to feel the contractions it feels like period cramps but alot more painful then comes the active labour which you feel the contractions every 5-10 mins. Doctor will definitely have to just cut a little bit down there for first time mummy and trust me you won't feel the pain when it happen cos you will get distracted by the contractions that you will be feeling. 4-5 pushes and i safely deliver my adorable son. did get myself prepare like reading alot of articles, getting advices from mummies who has experience and watching YouTube videos on breathing techniques and it works! Just keep telling yourself that you can do this. our body is created this way! just get over it and done do not focus on the pain but your breathing. Have a positive mindset just remind yourself like "The pain will go once the baby is out" or when you're pushing the baby out keep telling yourself that you can't wait to see the baby face 😁 read your prayers that's important ask GOD for help. You can do this mummy! my prayers are with you ❤️

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What im going to tell you is to share with u my experience and not to scare u....i also had to be induced at 37 weeks cause my waterbag leaking and baby was 3.25kg.... in my case, they had to burst my waterbag and inserted a tablet to induce, i was admitted in the afternoon and only gave birth the next day late afternoon. Cause baby was big i was unable to push baby out so they had to cut my private area for the baby to be out. Also i had 2 epidurals by the time the baby was out i could already feel pain. I was a first time mum too and no idea on anything. My advice to you my love is that if doc say that baby is too big need to c sect than opt for c-sect. Always trust your doctors advice. Before you go and give birth make sure all your things are prepared at home and have your mother or mil to stay with you during this time, it will be very tiring so must hv extra pair of hands at home. Also buy those ice packs to be used at your vaginal area cant remember the name, very good to sooth the pain after birth. All the best my dear have a safe delivery.

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the nurses in the delivery ward will guide you. so don't have to worry. I'm also a ftm who didn't attend any birthing classes due to Covid. anyway they won't let any harm come to your baby. I tried pushing for 30min and was making good progress but was feeling too weak due to lack of sleep and no food intake for more than 18hr. they called gynea in and baby was out within 15min with the help of forceps. In total spend 45min in labor. but was on epidural and didn't feel any pain. which was also the reason I couldn't really push efficiently, as I'm numb from waist down

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1) I was told my baby was big too and probably will have to go for a c-sect. Not my 1st baby & I wasn't worried because I know that baby's weight is just an estimation. He came out 35w6d at only 2.79kg via vaginal delivery (induced & gynae did a membrane sweep during labour to quicken the dilation). 2) Don't worry! There'll be your gynae/midwife and nurses to guide you when to push and when not to. You'll also automatically push when you feel the great urge to 'poop'. Important tip : Don't lift up your butt when you're pushing to avoid a big tear.

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didn't go for class also .induce at midnight and give birth only at next day evening. epidural only at 3pm but when delivering seems still can feel the pain then they increase for me. but becomes I cant feel the contraction . the nurse and my hubby tell me when to push then I push ..luckily 5 push and she is out. gynea say just start going for walks so easier to push out.

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You need not worry. I am also a first time mum who didnt attend any classes as well. Took epidural late but was lucky to feel the full effect of numbness from waist down. Didnt felt anything pushing to be honest. And the nurses in the delivery ward will tell you what you have to do.

I read that pushing a baby uses the same muscles as pooping. So that was what I imagined and did when I was delivering my 3.6kg baby. Took me 10 mins with vacuum. For context, my baby had her umbilical cord around her neck so it was harder for her to “exit”. Hope this helps.

Practise your breathing. Inhale and hold your breath for 10 seconds before exhaling. Don’t use your face to push but your lower body. I know it’s easier said than done but have confidence in yourself!

can I ask how heavy is your baby?