baby stop carrying when mil carry

Dear mummies My mil and i are taking care of baby together. I am currently on ML. It hurts me that baby stop crying when my mil carry and crylike murder when i carry. I feel jealous toward my mil and even a tinge of hate toward baby for stop crying when my mil carry. I sometime secretly hope that baby cry when my mil carry so that i knows baby cry cause of some other reason rather than just want to be attached to my mil. It doesnt feel right to me as a mum that baby seek comfort with my mil and not from his own mum How do i handle this emotion? This is so wrong and unhealthy.

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Is this your first baby? Lol I realise that newborn babies don't particularly care who carries them tbh. Mum or not. Sometimes they just want to be carried a certain way. I know my own carrying posture was stiff and probably uncomfortable as I literally didn't know how to carry newborn before that. And honestly babies are sometimes just weird like that. Even now, some days they'll stick like glue to me, other days they only want their Auntie (domestic helper). Don't take it to heart mama! They'll gradually grow to know you and the people in the family well. :)

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