Feeling overwhelmed and disappointed

Dear mommies, am I ok? My LO is 2 weeks old. I cant help but to feel useless and am unable to bring comfort to my LO. I kept feeling exhausted. My milk supply doesnt seem to be enough for him cause no matter how long he latches on, he still asks for more. I cant get a lot from pumping too. I'm under supplements for milk supply but I can only get around 1 plus bottle full (150ml+) every day. I cant seem to have the feeling to bond with the baby. I cant successfully put him to sleep or soothe him whenever he cries for attention. My hubby does that better. =( I just feel useless and not confident to handle my LO alone at all. FTM here.

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Super Mum

Hugss mummy. You are already doing great latching your baby. The most important thing about breastfeeding is not to be stressed and keep yourself hydrated.