Feeling very exhausted at times

I feel exhausted and recently i could not sleep well.. 3 am or 7am i'm only able to sleep.. too exhausted till cry to sleep. currently pregnant with no. 4 .. kid p4 ,k2 & 2 old.. I feel frusfrated at times with hubby whom literally doze off.. he help with mop vacuum takecare the cat but anything with the kids bathing or diaper change never.. i have told him on helping but i don't know if he really understand.. at times i feel so useless..

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You are to burned out. With 3 kids and 1 otw is not easy. You have birth 3 kids not easy. Willpower must be strong, don't let anything bring you down during your pregnancy. Because of the hormones, you will get upset often. Think positively. Though your hub dun help out with kids, but only a little house chores. I heard a few are worse. They don't even care at all. If you need to, talk to your close friends or family members.

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2y ago

Thank you for keeping me positive . I also reminding myself to always stay positive and grateful always. At least i let out some i believe women can understand one another..