milk and diapers at 7 years old

My daughter is still drinking milk Dumex cos she is not eating well so give her milk and she wears diapers at night cos she kept on peeing on the bed. When should I stop giving her milk and stop her from peeing on the bed?

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Milk is good for kids.. If your daughter is still drinking. Just let her drink. Make sure she drink early and pee first before heading to bed. If it doesn't help.. U wake her up half way thru and bring her to the toilet.

my son last time oso wear until around 7. what I do is before he go sleep I make him pee, and in the mid of the night I will oso wake him up. after a weeks ok liao

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Good that she's drinking milk, milk is good for her. get her to pee before bed and maybe you can wake her up in between to pee.

drinking milk is fine..for diaper..get her to go pee before she sleeps and wake her up to pee before you go sleep

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7 is kinda old to still be wearing diapers. Try not to make her drink a lot before bedtime.

Drink milk is ok but shall try her not to wear diaper

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