my baby is 4 months old. on last saturday, she had 140ml at 8pm. 100ml at 9pm. 100ml at 10pm. and she finish eveything and she is still crying but eventually managed to put her to sleep. we started not to swaddle her. for the past one week. she is fine. but just over the weekends she kept crying non stop. on sunday we thought that she didn't have enough milk - 140ml so we gave her another 60ml. and she still cries non stop. in the end we tried swaddling her and she stops crying. is she still during the growth spurt stage? is it also advisable to keep feeding her so much as I'm afraid that she doesn't knows that it's full and just keeps drinking since it's available to her.

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4 months is one of the periods where babies could be expected to go through a growth spurt. You can refer to this article on a description of what a baby is likely going through at this stage: Therefore, it is expected that a baby will appear to be feeding more. I have read that baby will stop drinking when they are full. Hence, if you are bottle feeding, be sure to watch out for signs that your baby is full and seemed to want to push away her bottle. If she did not display signs that she has had enough, you need not be too worried about her drinking too much. Hope this helps!

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