Should one keep a dog as a pet with little kids at home?

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I think dogs (and pets in general) are great to have around kids. Not only are they fun and adorable, they teach kids responsibility -- of taking care of another life. Pets can also teach children patience; training a dog can be difficult and involving your child will help them be more patient and forgiving. To add to that, pets teach kids to be compassionate. There's a famous Gandhi saying that states that "the greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated". Studies have shown that children who grew up with pets do have higher levels of EQ. As long as your family has the means to provide, care, protect and welcome a pet into your home, by all means, do so. There are plenty of cats, dogs etc waiting to be adopted :) But remember, a pet is a life-long responsibility, if you are not in the means to care for one, then best to reconsider.

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One of the most popular pets to [Buy Online Natural Supplements For Dogs]( have around your kids, is a dog. However, if you still have questions about whether or not you should keep your dog as a pet with your children, we’ve collected some answers here for you.

For me this depends on a variety of things - how long have you owned the dog, is it well trained (really, how well)?, what breed is it - if it's a sausage dog (ha!) then the little kids may have more than a few adorable goggles, of Its a oitlulwthen you probably nees a lot more information.

Dogs are a baby's friend and protector. Babies are very comfortable around dogs. They are their playmates and friends. But you need to prepare both the dog and the baby for the change.

Yes, as long as the they are both safe in the home with each other. I have 3 and plan to keep all of them. Dogs can be a great friend for your baby

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yes dog as a pet is the best thing to have but be careful n check out for allergies

Depends on the breed of dog. My dog doesn't like kids so we kept her separated

Yes it’s totally fine. It’s always on how you raise them

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Entirely up to your comfort level!