My daughter picks up other kids' accent very fast. Everyday she is some other kid at home. I have to repeatedly tell her that talk like yourself. How can she be refrained from being a copy cat?

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How old is your daughter? Sounds a lot like me when I was in kindergarten. My mom told me that I used to speak with a British accent because one of my teachers was from England and I suppose I was influenced by the way she spoke haha. She was annoyed by it and made me speak my mother tongue when I am at home. Reckon it's normal for kids to mimic whatever they hear. This makes for great language learning skills if you are interested in getting your daughter to pick up an extra language. My need to copy accents went away gradually as I grew older and stopped totally in primary school. These days, my knack of picking up accents only pop up whenever I am in an academic setting and need to sound "professional".

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