The volume a 3 month old drinks and sleep training

Hi mummies, my LO is almost 3months old and she can only stomach a maximum of 120ml (rarely and might vomit). Her average volume consumed is 90-100ml. She takes formula milk. She can sleep well at night and we dream feed her which may take a long time and it’s killing me because I really need longer stretches of sleep 😥 So, I want to sleep train her but if we don’t feed her every 3 hours, she will consume very little and I’m afraid she won’t get enough nutrients. My questions are 1) how much does your LO drink at 3 months old? Each feed/whole day? 2) any one with similar experiences and how did you overcome it? I really hoped to start sleep training her before I start work but it doesn’t seem feasible if I want her to drink sufficiently.

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Hi mummy, there is no standard amount. Each child is different and their intake is also different. My LO is 4 months old and she is still taking 80-100ml per feed. (BM) There is no need to dream feed baby if she doesn’t fuss for one. I did not sleep train my LO, I just follow her cues. So far, she managed to sleep from 10pm to 6am without needing milk. Not very long, but at least she’s progressing :) Just feed on demand, tho tiring but come to think of it, how long will she need us before she grows up right? :) 1)She went thru growth spurts 100~120ml every hourly, sometimes can go up to 160ml in one feed. She also went thru a drastic drop in her intake where 40ml of milk can last her thru the night (6 hours) and her next feed only taking in 20ml. Her daily intake was around 400~850ml at 3m. As long as she has enough diaper output per day, happy and gaining weight well, no need to worry 😃

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11mo ago

Sorry, was deciding between ‘less’ or ‘so little’ 😅

May I ask what is the weight of your baby?

11mo ago

Thank you for sharing too :) yess. Doc told us 150 per kg too and so we are waaay lower than that. She’s been drinking well enough until the last 2-3weeks when she started having nasal congestion and she developed a lot of mucus.