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Daddy and mummy out there, my Lo is taking care by my parent in law and how to refrain my LO to watch TV? Anything/any solution I can let my LO do to increase his interest instead of addicted to TV? Thanks in advance!
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Inavoidable for us cos TV is their sole entertainment :/ just talk them out to cut down screentime?
I think its more about whether the caregivers are willing to cut down screen times and engage your child in other activities. If not, just send him to 2 or 3 hours playgroup
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Move him away from the TV. I know it’s hard.
We will do that when we are with him. But weekdays he is with our PIL. :(
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Buy engaging educational toys. There are even toys that look like ipads but don’t have real screens. The buttons can be pressed for different sounds/activities. I got my toddler interested in books, a
It can be challenging indeed.. I think how to bring it up depends on the relationship you and your husband have with your PIL. My husband could tell his parents straight that the TV had to be off whenever my daughter was there. For me, because it’s in-laws, I would approach it by starting off with thanking them sincerely for helping to take care of the baby. Then I would invite all of us to sit down with the baby and play together with the baby (with the TV off), demonstrating how to use the toys and how to engage baby with them. They may not know how to entertain baby effectively, and hence relied on the TV. If they see that baby responds well to their efforts of engaging with toys, they may be happier to want to play with baby. Then let your husband do the explaining of why baby shouldn’t watch TV.
Give him some books
Yes, I did. But he will get distracted once my PIL turn on the tv.