Working Mum Woes

I was a freelance tutor cum quasi-SAHM but recently transitioned into a full-time working mum. Both of my children (2 under 2) are in childcare and infant care. Thing is, children in infant care and childcare fall sick easily, almost every month. With stricter safety measures implemented in schools, teachers are quick to call parents up at the sound of a slight cough or congested nose. The recovery of phlegmy cough or runny nose takes more than a week, means parents would also need to work out alternative childcare arrangements for that period as most of us only have six days of childcare leave and that is not enough to cover our leave to look after our children when they cannot go to school. For working mummies who don’t have alternative childcare arrangement (i.e. maid, mother or mother-in-law), how do you manage it without tapping so much on your leave? I just started a new position with a steel learning curve and it is challenging for me to juggle with my children falling sick frequently.

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Same here . Teachers call and inform not to send child until he recover due to the pandemic.