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Hi daddies! Are you one of them who tends to get less interested in sex with your wives? Please share how do you want your wives to spice things up or how they can get you interested to MAKE LOVE and not just F*CK. Why I am asking is, my husband is hardly interested. Maybe its the age or video games or maybe it's just him. We've talked about this a few times. Things get interesting for a while then it goes back to square 1. And it's like I am probably left to pleasure myself instead of sharing the moment with my other half.

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Hmm, although I'm not a guy, but hoping that my two cents worth will help in a little way. Sex usually starts in the mind. So, if you desire sex with your partner, it's because you are already thinking of it. Same way, if you have no desire to have sex with your partner, it's because your mind is not in it. Most men in the beginning of a relationship get turned on visually but as time goes by, it's what they desire in their minds that make them want to have sex. So, if your husband isn't interested in sex with you, perhaps he feels disconnected with you somehow. It's best to have a good heart to heart talk with him, and try to connect back on an emotional and intimate level. Once the connection is back, maybe it will be easier for you two to initiate lovemaking. Or perhaps he's feeling insecure about something. It's always best to talk it out first. Gotta find the root of the problem first, in order to find the solution. Hope this helps!

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