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How do you mummies convince your husband to have sex during pregnancy? Husband has been rejecting sex or foreplay when i initiate it. Talked about it and he doesnt seem interested anymore due to my pregnancy. Please help..#1stimemom #advicepls #pregnancy

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I’m a FTM too. Initially during early first trim, my husband was worried and didn’t want sex too. But around 8 weeks, at my appt with the gynae, and when he’s there with me, I asked the gynae whether it is safe to have sex and whether there’s anything we need to be careful of. The gynae said it’s generally safe unless at later trimesters if i have low placenta. But if no doctor says i have low placenta, then sex is safe. Heard from the horse’s mouth and we started having sex again. Am still having sex about once every week or two weeks.

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4w ago

I’m on top so that there’s no pressure on the belly, just to play safe, though I’ve read articles that laying flat is safe for first trim. But since first trim, we only do it with me on the top. Haha. Not much difference from before pregnancy.

20 weeks and we’re still doing it regularly each week. Initially, it took him awhile to adjust because of baby but I told him I’m still me and we still need our we time. My bump still small so we do the same as we used to. I also told him everything is changing and I need him even more now.

Lol not necessarily need to wait, it depends on how comfortable both of you are. Let him know it’s the hormones and need to work something out. If you’re in your first or second trimester it’s still early to stop having sex imo.

I’m also a FTM and so far we only had sex 2-3 times since I got pregnant till now @ 32 weeks. He’s afraid he will hurt the baby and not because he’s not interested. Maybe yours feels the same way too?

4w ago

i wish i could sleep it off! but i really cant control the crave, diy is not enough too..

I am ftm too. My husb is so scared that he will hurt the baby:.. I assured him that he won’t hurt e baby… usually Husb just need some assurance… can try speaking to him about it..

4w ago

tried speaking to him already, teased him, everything. but to no avail while here i am been craving so much for it

Tell him he has to wait for a few months after you give birth because of confinement and dry spell then maybe he don’t want to wait that long 😂

4w ago

If not just diy.. my hubby was not willing to have sex with me also so I just diy. Then now give birth alr he keep pushing me for it but I just have no mood 🥱

Buy a sex doll? Or hire people

4w ago

is there such sites?