Do you cut the hair of your little ones or do you always go to a salon for kids?

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Hello, I have three kids and yes, I cannot afford a haircut each time. I cut their hair myself now, and I have become quite a pro now. Since, they are school going kids, they just have to be given simple haircuts, so they are fine as of now. When they grow bigger, then I am sure they would want something stylish, for which they would have to go to the salon.

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Hindi ko p rin nacucut hair ni baby kc sav ng mga tao n makakita sa kanya wag ko daw puputulin buhok ng baby ko.. kc iilan bata lng daw ang nag kakaroon ng buhok ng kagaya ng sto.nino.. kya un d ko p rin nagagalaw buhok nia...

I cut my kids' hair. It's a challenge for me every time because we would run after one another before he would let me cut his hair. Haha But I'm getting used to it now and I'm loving how his haircut turns out.

I do. I have a standard haircut for my kids. Same as our haircut when we were young. Haha Yung may full bangs. It's easy to manage pa naman since maliliit pa sila. No need for salon for kids.

I'm afraid to cut my kids' hair by myself so I take them to kiddie salon for professional touch from the experts. It will really cost you a lot, but you'll have a peace of mind!

I take my daughter to the salon. We haven't tried cutting her hair on our own, because we worry about messing it up. We are not very confident of doing it on our own.

I cut my kids' hair now. Before it's my mom. Now, I'm getting used to it. Haha I only brought my son to the salon once.

I'll do it myself. However, my daughter's hair is still short, although, it partially covers her eyes already.

I'll do it myself sometimes but when I do cutting their hair it ends up to the salon.

I let my mother cut my baby's hair. She also cuts mine. She was a hair stylist before.