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currently not employed n living with in laws. lo is only 2mths old, in laws keep want me to go find a job esp mil. but I'm not ready. how? any jobs i can do from home

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There are lots of work from home jobs out there if you’re not picky. Surveys, data entry etc. Take your time and find but work from home is an option for now

Take your time, how about give yourself up to 6 months? Your baby would be stronger by then too and can start on solids

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Explore LinkedIn and/or onpinr job search sites. Ask friends or chatgroup mums if they have recommendations.

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Do check with job agencies for telemarketing jobs, data entry or even accounting.

Actually finding a job a not is your business Not their business

Or u can work part time more flexi timing in a call centre?

Yes can do freelance depending on your skills/interests :)

Depending on the skills you have, can try freelancing!

Try telemarketing or freelance online sales?

Hi, Please also explore Linked In network