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I’m currently pregnant n I have a 15mo. What jobs can I take up? I do not have N/O levels cert, highest qualification is PSLE, preferably flexi hours or WFH as my child is not in IFC n it’s also not an option.

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I think you can ask your sso to help you if you have cause mostly now people dont really hire pregnant women cause i have try that before when i am pregnant nobody wants me accept 1 from my sso recommended but then from where i stay to that place is legit god damn far need to sit on the mrt for freaking 2 hours plus at that time i was heavily pregnant so i am really scare my water bag will break anytime soon as i am a small size girl

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pickup some online courses to build up ur soft skills if ur 25 n above . if u finish the whole course wda will remunerate u with $150 / $200 cash. most employers won't take pregnant lady ..

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