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Currently at 21 weeks , feeling more and more tired as the day passes by and I can’t sleep well at night I have used up my leave and MC and currently starting to ask my gynae to give me HL everytime when I see him. But everytime I take HL I will hv those annoying colleague that will say things that make me feels very uncomfortable and it affects me a lot .. and slowly even my lady boss who actually is ok with me taking HL suddenly ask me to be CONSIDERATE to my other colleagues who has been working when I’m not ard. But the problem is when I’m not pregnant I’m the one who is covering working OT volunteer to work extra when there is no one who work extra but yet this is what I get . And I didn’t even complain that I’m tired when I work OT . But yet now , this one particular person who contributes nth in the team keeps complaining that he is tired when he DONT even want to work OT don’t want work PH. It’s making me very miserable . Making me feel that it’s wrong for me to be pregnant.

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Oh dear , I truly understand ur feeling as I seen the same situation when I working with colleagues.. but it’s ok just ignore them .. now u n ur baby is more important than all tht nonsense.. don’t ever take it in to ur heart .. coz while in pregnancy time we r more sensitive to everything.. we expect more care n more love .. we can’t take negative comments .. jus ignore it n concentrate on ur happy baby , how ever u feel it affects ur baby n ur pregnancy journey.. just think positive n b healthy

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3y ago

Sometimes I feels like ignoring but it seems hard .. and really ! During my pregnancy I really feel I need really extra TLC from people. I thought it just me .. cause yesterday when I ask my hubby to message my leg for me , and he jokingly nag abit . And I just burst out crying 😂 and I think he got a shock of his life my first pregnancy I’m not like that ..