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Should I be worried if my baby weight is fine but I am not the gaining ideal weight. I am at week 27 and I only gain almost 3kg.

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ask the doctor to confirm. i barely put on weight too in 1st n 2nd trimester. all the increase came in 3rd trimester. at week 39 i had only put on 7+kg. baby came out 2.5kg, a bit small but not required to stay Nicu

It’s fine! I’m the same as u. Only gained 3kg at week 27. Now I’m almost week 34 and total weight gain is at 6kg! But baby weight is normal (lower end of average). As long as baby is growing well, it’s okay!

im at 25weeks and already gained 4kg! more afraid that baby will be overweight by 28 weeks.....

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wow that's great! as long as you are healthy and baby's weight is ideal that's most important!

It should b fine. I haven put on weight either. I am lighter than my pre pregnancy 😂😂


it should be fine but I'll check with the gynae