Not gaining enough weight during second trim

Hi mummies, I am currently 19 weeks pregnant and i so far only gain 5kg, and I am afraid it is not very good for the baby as people often tells me i should be gaining more than 10kg by second trimester already, as I am kind of worried, is it bad or how should I improve it?😰😰#pregnancy #advicepls

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as long as your gynae didn’t mention anything about putting more weight i think should be fine! alternatively idk how true it is, durians helps to gain weight! but pls check with your gynae before consuming

My gynae told me ideally to gain 1kg per month (if you are not under or over weight). During ultrasound scan, as long as the baby weight is in line with EDD timeline, you should not be too worried.


10kg by second trimester sounds abit too much to me😂 I just hit my pre pregnancy weight at week 19. baby was 200g at 18 weeks which Dr said is average weight 😊

I'm week 20 and only gained 3kg. Just went for scan yesterday and baby is healthy ☺️. lesser weight gain also good, the easier to lose after delivery! 😋

Nah don't worry. I only gain 7kg and I'm turning 28 weeks next 2 weeks 😂 Weight dosent matter. As long as baby grow well everything should be fine 😊

38 weeks now and I didn’t gain a lot during second trimester too. Even now I only gain 8kg. But my gynae says baby is growing well so I don’t bother.

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As long as baby is growing.. No need to worry about not gaining weight. Don't have to worry. I gained 8kg throughout my pregnancy.

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Don't worry about the weight gaining, as long as your baby is growing well and healthy inside your stomach, everything is fine (:

not true my 1st pregnancy only gain 8kg and baby born at 3kg don't listen too much, anything u unsure check with gynae

week 34, gaining around 6-7kg and baby weight at 2.8kg don't so concern about the no, most importantly is healthy