Just curious when baby first teeth will come out cz my son is 3months old and i felt a sharp like tooth at the backbof his lower gums and i check like there is a tooth there. I been having arguments with my mum and partner. They said its soft bones and baby teeth will come out front and at 6months. But im so sure its a tooth.whats your opinion?
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Better pergi klinik check sis. Tanya pd yg pakar. Sbb kalau ikut normality mmg gigi dpn akn tumbuh dlu tp sometimes ada bayi yg tahap tumbesaran dia lebih cpt dr bayi lain. Gigi cpt tumbuh. Tulang cpt
Thank u so much.yah anak saya dah mula merakak sikit2.maybe he is the few babies kot😅. Anyways..thank u so much sis.