What age do you all think is the most suitable to be pregnant

Just curious... What is the best age to get pregnant? 20s or 30s? How old are you when you had your first baby?

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Age is not the main concern, its about when you are mentally and financially ready to commit. Nobody wants their own child to grow up suffering. Although, age is the secondary option because age plays a part too.

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Had my first baby when i was ard 27. Just nice i feel.. Nt too early not too late.. The energy is still thr.. Plus our age gap wil not be soooo far..


As earlier as possible so when ur retirement time, ur kids are all grown up working. No longger need to worry their sch expenses..

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Best age is in late 20s I think. I got peg at 33 and am so tired. Very hard to keep up with LO energy level.

Got pregnant in my early 20s & i feel half dead. Not sure how i feel if i get pregnant when im older 😭

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I’m currently 23 and I feel so tired already! I don’t know how to do it again when I’m older 😫

Hi, I believe it just is a matter of when you and your partner feel that you are ready

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I think best before 30 when we still have able to run around with the kids. Haha.

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I think Mid twenties is suitable and I had my first child at the age of 26

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I think before 30 but really it doesn't matter as long as you're ready