Can Pregnant Women eat Bak Kut Teh?

Hi, just curious is it ok for pregnant lady to eat bak kut teh? Is there any kind of herbs that is in the soup which we are not suppose to take?

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In moderation ... i read up some sites say can consume dang gui, some say cant ( very confusing)... but its ok if its low quantity , so pls limit the amount you consume .. enjoy

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Actually I ate. I thou it’s only heaty that we need to be wary of.

3y ago

I ate moderately. Not excessive. I felt it’s ok.

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Peppery bkt is ok but not the herbal type I heard.

I heard not consuming alot dang gui during pregnancy.

3y ago

Yup, i heard of this before too

Chinese Medical hall recommend not to eat BKT.

3y ago

The herb, can't remember what herb though

Yes you can.

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