Bak Kut Teh

Can eat bak kut teh during pregnancy? Those Singapore style one like song fa... Does it contains herbs or sort that cannot be consume during pregnancy?

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Bak kut teh pregnancy cravings are quite common because it is so yummy. But better not eat or only have small amount because it is not the best meat for your baby and you to eat in pregnancy. You can try to eat more fish and chicken and vegetables.

Better not eat as it is very salty and will cause your feet and ankles to swell up. This app has a Food feature where you can find out if foods are safe or not for you to eat in pregnancy. Have you used it?

I also had bak kut teh pregnancy cravings! I mostly controlled them but sometimes just ate a little bit. My husband used to scold me though when I ate so I stopped :(

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For black soup type of bak kut teh, it does contain some herbs. Better check with doctor or tcm physician for assistance. :)

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I avoided the herbal ones. 老街 amd song fa I ate during pregnancy. But may ne 3 to 4 times throughout the 9 months

I also want to know can pregnant lady eat bak kut teh. Now I think cannot after reading these answers. thank you

Why do you want to eat bak kut teh pregnancy not good for baby. Better to eat pork chop or chicken.

Bak kut teh pregnancy impact not so good as very salty. Only eat a little bit if you crave la.

Pregnant can eat bak kut teh but only very small quantity as not very healthy for you.

Once a while its ok... i took once during my first 4months ... its fine