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Could I be pregnant? I'm 3 weeks late, but I already took 2 home tests that turned out negative

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look out for faint positive. at first when I tested, I took 3 test at home. 2 faint positive and 1 negative. went to polyclinic to double check, positive. there will be false negative, but never false positive. (:

Yes, try again. I was almost 3 weeks late too then I had 'menses'. The next month, I'm 6 days late, I checked and it's positive. The reason why I said 'menses' because it was very little. I think that was spotting.


There could be several reasons your period is delayed. You could probably take another test 8n a week or so and see a doctor if you get another negative result.

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Suggest you try again next week. Maybe even chance the brand of pregnancy test your buying. Drink lots of water and work out for an hour- might trigger

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I was late too and thought i was pregnant. Was happy but 3 negative tests with no faint line.. my period just came 3 days ago :( wish you all the best

Try again later. Periods can be missed due to other reasons as well. Stress or hormones. I would definitely try again at week 4.

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Try again at week 4. It could be stress or other factors that is affecting the period

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Maybe try next week. Sometimes period might delayed due to stress and lifestyle etc..

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U can wait 1 more week. If still negative, see a gynae

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Try to wait till next week and try again.