Late period but negative pregnancy result

My period is regular and as of today, it’s 3 days late. I had just completed night shift and took clear blue digital pregnancy test but result was negative. Last period was from 6-12 March. Last unprotected was on 18 March which was supposedly 2 days before ovulation. Last week I had sore breasts and slight mood swings (the usual pms symptoms I would get before menses) however, they disappeared a few days back. I was pretty busy and stressed out for the past 2 weeks due to work commitments as well. Am trying to conceive. Would appreciate help please 🙏🏻🙏🏻 should I still repeat the test/ go to a clinic to check it out or I’m definitely not pregnant? 3 days late, could it be that hcg isn’t high enough?#pleasehelp

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I waited 5days-a week before checking for both my pregnancy. I read that a week is the best, hcg would be high enough for a mere home test kit. But late period could also be due to extra stress. There's no definite answer fir this but i suggest waiting a few more days and do another home test.