Milk formula Clumping

Is this clumping of toddler milk formula? Does this happen to most formula milk? It sticks to the surface of the scoop. Is it the steam coming from the bottle when we pour FM into that caused this? Or it is something dangerous like FM has mold growing in it?

Milk formula Clumping
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Normally happens when the water in your baby's bottle is a little warm or when the spoon touches the surface of the bottle when it's wet. Just wash it off and dry it first before using it again.

From the looks of the clumping it’s just aggregation due to warm water vapour 😊 Simply wipe it off to avoid it going bad, as moisture enables microbial growth

It happen to mine too but dont worried it just clump and you just have to wash it away

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You dont really have to change milk powder though cause i change is because my baby kept crying cannot even poop out so doctor recommended me to change milk powder

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What brand are you using. I haven’t experienced this before

1y ago

Would u recommend any brand of toddler milk that is good?


try to keep your hands dry when preparing the milk

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It’s ok .. no issue with tht ..

steam when put in milk bottle

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sticking to water vapour

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probably due to dampness