My child has been in the same child care since infant care days. She is currently in N1 class. She used to love her school and wave good bye to me. These days, she refused school. She does not wants to wear her uniform and will cry till vomit. Do you think it's just a phrase? The teachers have been telling me that she is good in school. They have no problem with her apart from her being a very picky eater.

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It's just a phrase as my child has the same problem as your child. Infant care feeding/napping schedule is different from nursery class. A change of their regular schedules makes them uncomfortable as they are used to eat/nap more. The ratio of the teacher to student is also increase as the child promote to a higher level. The child will need some time to adapt to the lesser attention she is receiving now. This phase will pass very soon. Teachers & parents just have to work hand in hand to make the child adapt to the new changes faster

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This may be a sign of unhappiness in school. Teachers in the centre may not telling the truth. You may wish to check it out yourself. Seeing is believing. Sometimes, it may be because of the teachers or friends. Usually I will monitor and speak to the principal so that he/she is aware of my concern and to see if things will improve.

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It may be the school, or it may be just that she wants to stay at home and be with u. Some changes in the family like the arrival of a new sibling may make her doesn't want to go to school. It will not be accurate to only ask the teachers, so try to find out from other parents of there's anything wrong with the school.

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Hmmm I think it's very worrying. Do you often see the Aunty helpers? Perhaps you can also try to fish some news from them. I would really Want to find out what actually happen as I do not believe the child would suddenly hate or dislike the school for no reason. Please do check and do not turn a blind eye to it.

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I personally definitely try to find out the reason. Try to talk to your Daughter. May be she is not very comfortable with her new teacher or some other kid. I hope she is not getting scolded for not finishing her food. Try to find out the reason..

Please take note. This may be a sign that the child is ill treated or unhappy with school. They may not know how to express themselves very well but their body language is something that we will have to look at as much as possible.

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Agree top ans too. maybe is bully or she have scolded by the teachers cos if your girl needs you in a suddenly. Because some teachers they will be get angry when the kids never follow the instruction they eill scold them.

I believed the kids don't like the sch or I'll was totally unhappy n force to sch and I found our alot of issue with that sch and immediately withdraw him and change to another sch and he love it..

Probably there is a change of Teachers or program that she does not feel very interested? Or someone in class bullying her that she don't dare to speak up? Probably you can check with her Teachers or helpers

Yup I agreed with the answer above. Try asking your child what happen in school or if she can't express herself through speech, you may consider using toys to "role play" to allow her to open up.