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My baby just attended 5 days of playgroup in a reputable school. During first day of school, she had injury during playtime and her class only have 4 kids including her with 2 teacher. 2nd day the teacher came and ask me if her assesment for regular pd check up is it normal? She's not able to sit down during class and tend to be playful going around. I think the teacher trying to tell me my baby is hyperactive child. From then everyday she sure feedback to me on how naughty my baby is etc with pictures. Today the 5th day attending school, her teacher came telling me that she isn't behaving well again running around. She's not like a normal baby. Is this normal for a teacher to keep repeating this? I believe every child needs time to adapt it's only 5 days, my baby just started playgroup. Is it true that all child wil sit down listen to class since day 1 attending school? And out of these 5 day my baby has only manage to eat 1 time in school. She goes to school from 9am to 12pm now only. I don't know how can I trust the school to out her in for full day. #advicepls

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How old is your child ? Is she like how the teacher mentioned at home? If she’s not like that at home then probably she is unfamiliar with the new environment and you could share with the teacher that she needs more time to adapt. If she behaves similarly at home and in school, you could perhaps talk to your child and set some rules for her?

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Maybe u could reply her n say, there are only 4 kids n 2 more teachers, surely with your training, I'm sure u can better manage them? Or maybe u try to be more engaging in your lessons? 😂 N u give her a wink